Monday, January 7, 2013

Santa sightings...

I gave the girls an assignment while our Christmas things were still up...photograph some of our Christmas decor.  Jess chose Santas and Sara picked the snowmen.  This post features the different Santas around our house.  Pictures by Jessica. 



  1. What a great assignment! As you know, we are Christmas crazy here so I LOVE these photos. I especially like the kilt wearing Scottish Santa. It looks like Santa and his deer had a great treat waiting for them. He must have felt very comfortable at your house.

  2. Great photos! And good timing with the post; Santa on Orthodox Christmas! (and are those Granny Graham's shortbread cookies on the last picture? mmmmmm!)

    1. Um...yea, I meant to do that. :) Why yes, they certainly are Granny Grahams shortbread. The girls and I made them just for Santa himself!


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