Sunday, January 6, 2013

family blogger....Debs

Some time ago I thought about starting a blog.  I wasn't really sure what I would write about or who would even read it except my Mom, but I just felt like I wanted a way to document the girls' lives.  I also wanted to give them a chance to have fun with it too!  Last April I got an email letting me know that my sister-in-law Debi had started a blog!  And her main reason.....for MY girls!  How cool is that?!  She wanted to show them where she lives and all the great places that are practically in her backyard.  Oh, and her actual backyard, too!  Its pretty awesome!  I like that she shares recipes and I must say she has become quite the cookie decorator. :)  And the places that she will take you to in England are, as they say, brilliant!  :) 

Meet Bubbles aka the Dust Bunny
I want to share the link with you because I think it is one of those blogs that has a little something for everyone.  My girls especially like the posts about her cat Bubbles, aka The Dust Bunny, as well as Horrible Histories and anything animal related.  I love the posts about the places to visit and the excursions she and her husband Andy take.  For all you cooks and bakers out there, she posts plenty of recipes that make you want to run right out and get all the fixins for your supper. 
 Debs Dust Bunny is a great read and you will find yourself returning for more. 
Thank you Debi for starting your blog for Jess and Sara!  We are enjoying it and I can tell you are too!  Also, thanks for the motivation to finally get ours off the ground.  We hope to get to your side of the pond sooner rather than later.  Keep up the good work!


  1. Wow! I am so touched by all the lovely things you've written here. It's been a pleasure sharing my little adventures with you all. It makes me feel closer to you and gives me a reason to try new recipes and find new places for all of us to visit. Best of all it's FUN! Here's to a future of Happy Blogging!

  2. I LOVE Debs Dust Bunny! I have made a few of the recipes that she has posted (YUM!), and I love, love, LOVE the pictures and little stories that she shares! It is so nice to be able to have a quick 'escape' to England during office hours! :) Thanks Deb!!


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