Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hello and happy new year to you!  I can't believe 2012 is now history and we are starting another year.  I like starting over each year.  Its a chance to start fresh on things that are important and helps us refocus our lives and change things that didn't work so well.  Its like a do over and do overs are good.  I start out each year with many hopes and dreams for my girls, our family and myself.  Some will come to fruition and some may start out strong only to be forgotten in a few short weeks.  Some may never get off the ground.  That's okay.  Its good to have lofty goals and strive for something.  Mainly, I want to refocus my attention to the two most important things in my life...

Jessica: age 11
Sara:  age 7 (26 days away from turning 8!)
We have lots of fun together and I plan on a LOT of that in 2013!


  1. Two BEAUTIFUL girls! Love you!
    Auntie Ana xoxo

    1. We love you too Auntie Ana! Wishing you a healthy and very happy 2013! xoxo


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