Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sara 1st ice skating

A few weeks ago my friend Sophia's dad put up an ice rink.They do it almost every year and it was my very first time I ice skated.Here is a pic...
Sara7(almost 8)     Sophia9(almost 10)     Jessica11
I LOVE ice skating.If you have not ice skated yet find a rink and try out ice skating!
I had a great time~Sara

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Journal 4


It has been too long since my last topic suggestion so this time lets write a page (or two) about our favorite things!  You can write it in list format (my preference) or just write about anything that you think of as one of your favorites.  Here are a few suggestions:  color, number, food, restaurant, day of the week, book, song, band, beverage, thing to do on the weekend, people, flower,city, thing to do in Chicago, etc.  The list could go on and on.  You can just simply write one word for each thing or elaborate and tell why, for example, Marios Tacos in Blue Island is your favorite restaurant of all time!  Yum-o! Its totally up to you.  So tell me, what is your favorite thing to do when in the beautiful city of Chicago?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm wondering....

....what was your pick for your next vacation spot?  Reply in the comment section of the last post, or this one if you'd like, and let me know where you chose!  Even if you aren't journaling along with us, you can still reply.  Just curious where people like to visit!
My very smart cousin got my place on her first try.  That picture on my last post is indeed Colorado!  Maroon Bells, just outside Aspen, to be exact.  They are two peaks standing at about 14,000 feet and I read that they are considered to be the most photographed peaks in North America.  For those of you that know me, you know I love Colorado!  It is the only place I have ever visited and felt truly at home while I was there.  I can't explain it but it just felt like I could live there and call it home.  Thankfully Kevin feels the same way.  Who knows if we will ever end up there (because lets face it, we'll be where ever our girls are!), but I really would like to take Jessica and Sara there!
True story:  Kevin and I both seriously considered getting married there at the base of Maroon Bells, CO!  We knew our wedding would probably be much smaller than it was but we didn't care.  We knew those that could come would come.  My reason for not going through with it was at that time my Grandmothers, Jessie and Dossie, were both alive and I wanted them at my wedding.  It was worth it to have them there with us on our wedding day so no regrets.  Just a bit of back story for you. :)
Anyway, I leave you with a photo from last January, the 21st to be exact. 

Remember the white stuff?  My girls can't wait for it to arrive and I'm looking forward to it too!
Don't forget, let me know where you'd like your next vacation spot to be!
We'll talk soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Journal 3

Lately I've been thinking about all the places I want Kevin and I to take the girls.  Some places I've been to and some would be a new experience for all if us.  Kevin is fortunate enough to have visited ALL 50 states!  A goal I want to set for myself and for Jessica and Sara.  Since Sara and I (and on occasion Jess) have stomachs that are not always conducive to traveling, that could be challenging, but its a goal I want to accomplish nonetheless.  I'm at 22 and the girls have been to 8 so we have lots of miles to log for sure!  So, write in your journal about where you'd like your next trip to be to! It can be anywhere.  Not necessarily a dream vacation (a later journal topic) but someplace you are possibly going to visit sometime in the next couple of years.  Talk about why you picked this place, whether you've been there or not, and if it has any particular meaning to you.  Can anyone guess where this picture is taken?  Be as specific as you can be. :) 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Santa sightings...

I gave the girls an assignment while our Christmas things were still up...photograph some of our Christmas decor.  Jess chose Santas and Sara picked the snowmen.  This post features the different Santas around our house.  Pictures by Jessica. 


Sunday, January 6, 2013

family blogger....Debs

Some time ago I thought about starting a blog.  I wasn't really sure what I would write about or who would even read it except my Mom, but I just felt like I wanted a way to document the girls' lives.  I also wanted to give them a chance to have fun with it too!  Last April I got an email letting me know that my sister-in-law Debi had started a blog!  And her main reason.....for MY girls!  How cool is that?!  She wanted to show them where she lives and all the great places that are practically in her backyard.  Oh, and her actual backyard, too!  Its pretty awesome!  I like that she shares recipes and I must say she has become quite the cookie decorator. :)  And the places that she will take you to in England are, as they say, brilliant!  :) 

Meet Bubbles aka the Dust Bunny
I want to share the link with you because I think it is one of those blogs that has a little something for everyone.  My girls especially like the posts about her cat Bubbles, aka The Dust Bunny, as well as Horrible Histories and anything animal related.  I love the posts about the places to visit and the excursions she and her husband Andy take.  For all you cooks and bakers out there, she posts plenty of recipes that make you want to run right out and get all the fixins for your supper. 
 Debs Dust Bunny is a great read and you will find yourself returning for more. 
Thank you Debi for starting your blog for Jess and Sara!  We are enjoying it and I can tell you are too!  Also, thanks for the motivation to finally get ours off the ground.  We hope to get to your side of the pond sooner rather than later.  Keep up the good work!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


One of the good things about a new year is that I want to start out fresh...have a clean slate...attempt to work on goals I set for myself.  Right now I'm very motivated to get things organized around here and to clean out the clutter.  We have been blessed with so much and I really think we could live with much less.  Its hard to find places for the new things unless I attempt to clear away some of the old, no-longer-played-with things.  Here is an example.......

NOTE:  Those are NOT ths same pile of animals!  That came from each of their closets!  Too much.  Sara had an easier time than Jess did but they both were able to fill a kitchen garbage bag with some of the ones they no longer play with.  We will be donating them in hopes they find new homes to love them.  No worries, they both still have PLENTY of animal friends.  More than enough.

So, is anyone else out there motivated about something?  Are you working on your 2013 list?  Our closets are becoming a bit less "stuffed" than they use to be.  That is a good thing. :)
We'll talk soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I've posted 3 days in a row!  I know, unheard of.  I won't be able to keep at this pace but I'm rolling with it.  For the journaling project I think I will aim for posting topics/suggested writing prompts twice a week.  Maybe Mondays and Fridays?  Not sure.  Feel free to write as often as you like about whatever interests you.  I may have a couple extra for you this gift to you.  :)

So, next make a list of some fun things you want to do this winter!  We have about 3 months ahead of cold, (hopefully) snowy weather so how do you want to spend it?  What plans are you looking forward to?  Outdoor activities....something indoors?  Also, remember to date your pages.  It may be fun to look back on a particular date.  Have fun!  We'll talk again soon! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Journaling 1

There were a few of you that sounded a little bit interested in journaling along with me.  I'm hoping this will help me post more regularly but, no promises.  :)  We won't be sharing anything we write in our personal journals.  I will simply suggest a topic to write about.  You write in yours, I write in mine.  Easy peasy.  You are, of course, welcome to comment about it if you'd like, but your journal is meant for you, mine for me.  I've never kept a journal or diary so this will be a first.  I wanted to give it a try so here goes!  This is what my journal looks like...

I picked it up at Home Goods for a few bucks.  I am really into the color mustard yellow right now and I thought it was pretty.  It was made in India.  The pages have no lines but that's okay.  My writing looks like chicken scratch with or without lines.  The paper inside is thick and a bit textured. 
So, my suggestion for your first entry as we start 2013 is to write about your hopes, dreams, goals and thoughts for the new year!  You can write as little or as much as you'd like.  You can list things out or write pages...up to you.  I plan on being back very soon with another topic.  Write on!
See you soon...

Happy 2013!

Hello and happy new year to you!  I can't believe 2012 is now history and we are starting another year.  I like starting over each year.  Its a chance to start fresh on things that are important and helps us refocus our lives and change things that didn't work so well.  Its like a do over and do overs are good.  I start out each year with many hopes and dreams for my girls, our family and myself.  Some will come to fruition and some may start out strong only to be forgotten in a few short weeks.  Some may never get off the ground.  That's okay.  Its good to have lofty goals and strive for something.  Mainly, I want to refocus my attention to the two most important things in my life...

Jessica: age 11
Sara:  age 7 (26 days away from turning 8!)
We have lots of fun together and I plan on a LOT of that in 2013!