Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Embrace the Camera - Day 1 and 2 photos!

Day 1 photo:  Smiles!

Day 2 photo:  Making Memories!

So I missed the boat and the whole point of Embrace the Camera in pic two!  I was so excited to set up the shoot that I never got in the photo.  Ugh!  Anyway, after school yesterday Jess and I headed to Target for sour cream.  As we put our belongings at the check out stand I took one look and told her to look too.  We laughed at all the good junk we bought.  Can you say sweet tooth?!

We'll be back soon with the last three pictures!  Day 3 is everyday moments, Day 4 is creative, and Day 5 is yet to be announced.  See you soon!    xoxo

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embrace the Camera - a challenge

I love the message of this post and thought you might too!  It's so true, I never want to be in pictures because of this reason or that reason (the list can be long, depending on the day!) but who is being cheated.  My girls.  I want them to look back and see all of us enjoying whatever it is I'm photographing at the time.  I also want them to feel comfortable being in front of the camera as they grow and mature.  They are watching how I handle myself in different situations.  I am very aware of that. 
I just saw Ashley's post today about the Embrace the Camera Challenge (see what I get for missing one day of reading Under The Sycamore?!) so, I'll have to double up today's pictures.  Want to join in?  I hope so but no worries if  you don't.  Really, its just a way for all of us to start thinking about being more present and preserving memories for our kids and loved ones and maybe, take that first step in FRONT of the camera and not always behind it! 
Pictures will be up when my girlies are home and I can snap away!  You can see my photos on instagram under selphishgirl too!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Summertime Fun - Part I

I want to try to record some of the fun things we did before school started back!  Is was a fun-filled summer and we tried to enjoy every minute of it.  It seems that the back-to-school date sneaks up on us and before we know it the start of another school year is right round the corner.  That makes the last few weeks before school starts pretty busy and pretty fun!  This post will probably be picture heavy with a bit of commentary.  :) 
We didn't take a vacation, per say, this year.  We did spend one *expensive* night downtown in July!  The girls are always wanting to go to the city.  The other thing they always want to do is swim.  Win-win!  We got a room at the Embassy Suites in the city for a night.  The hotel room was great, good price, pool (small, but a pool is a pool!) and breakfast included.  The expensive part was the reason for the trip down there....Blue Man Group tickets!  Well, the tickets AND parking.  Ugh.  We have been wanting to take the girls, knowing they would enjoy it.  We were right!  We ate lots, swam lots, and packed a lot of fun times into an overnight trip.  By the next afternoon all four of us couldn't wait to get home to Libby.  She is loved.  =^.^=  Check out the cool place Daddy found for us to go...

Dat Donut, 83rd and Stoney Island, Chicago

Being served through bullet proof glass

One word for this donut...


Sara's favorite seat in our hotel room

Lots of swim time.  Pool was warm! Hot tub was warmer!

Heading out for dinner and a surprise show.

Blue Man Group!  They LOVED it!

Our view: Trump Tower, Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower

Very hot and humid day.  We lasted just under 2 hours here.  Wanted to get home to air conditioning and mostly Libby!
She was missed for the ONE night we were gone!

They have no idea.....

Concert on the Green, Frankfort, IL
Sophia, Jessica, Sara, Kylie

First drive-in movie for the girls!  We saw Turbo!
We have a connection to snails.  :)

Always drawing.  Love that.

They are my sunshine.

Pool party with friends!  Super fun!

Long-time friends
Claire  Jess   Kylie

Penguin vs. Shark

Little sisters: Leyla, Sara, Lily

Miss Aleshire got married!
Jessica's kindergarten and Sara's 1st grade teacher!
Love her!

me, Lisa
And, of course, beach time at Cherry Beach
Lake Michigan, Harbert, MI

Gorgeous girls, gorgeous sky.
Life is good.

Part II coming soon......

Friday, September 20, 2013

School 2013

Hello!  Hope all our faithful readers are well!  We are back in the full swing of school and activities.  The girls went back to school on August 21st.  Way too early for my liking.  What happened to starting after Labor Day?  Both girls are at new schools this year.  Jessica started 6th grade and Sara is in 3rd!  They are on completely different schedules.  Jessie's school starts early and Sara's is late.  Because Jess is in band, she has to be at school at 6:45am four days a week.  Sara's bus doesn't come until 8:40!  It is kinda crazy but surprisingly, I'm really liking it.  Having to get up early, which I wouldn't necessarily choose to do, is making my mornings so much less rushed than last year and that is good for everyone!  I get some alone time with sis after Jess leaves in the morning and a bit of time with Jess before Sara comes home.  Here are a few pics to enjoy...

Jess at the meet and greet, the day before school starts

Sara get a locker this year (without a lock).  She is thrilled!
Jessica 11 years old 6th grade    ***    Sara 8 years old 3rd grade

Wanted to remember how much the girls love their Converse shoes and friendship bracelets :)

Heading off to middle school

 Happy to finally being able to take the bus to school
Before school started I had a little magnet making party for Sara and her friends!  Since they get lockers they, of course, needed cute magnets to hang in their lockers!  I had the same kind of party for Jess when she started 3rd grade.  It was very fun and I think the girls had a good time!  We made glittery ones, pom pom ones (they were really amazed when I showed them how to make a pom pom with a piece of yarn and a fork) and a clothespin one.  Take a look...

Mackenzie, Kaitlyn, Sara, Ava, Lauren

I'll be posting more soon!  Lots more pictures coming up of fun things we did before school started and more since we've been in school.  Stay tuned! ;)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

video testing

Our summer is quickly winding down.  The girls go back to school on the 21st of August.  Much too soon for my liking.  I'll save the post about all the fun we've had this summer for another time but I did want to see if the videos of the girls can be viewed from the blog.  Please let us know if you can see them.  
Here are a couple from one of our trips to the beach in Michigan! 
Enjoy!    xoxo


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lots of catching up to do....

Hello there!  Lots of things going on in our corner of the world and we seem to stay busy. :)
The girls finished school on June 3rd and while both, especially Jessica, were sad to be leaving their friends, they have settled nicely into the summer routine.  I think they have stayed up late e.v.e.r.y. night since summer began, most nights not going to bed until at least 10:00.  I've cut my work days down to three for the summer and its been great!  Just having that extra day at home with them makes all the difference. 
Here are a few pictures for you to check out....

Shirley Temples for the girls on the 4th

Sara 8    Jessica 11

Sara, Jessica and Kylie

They loved this ride!

Check out their faces!

Lisle Eyes to the Skies Festival

There's been swimming, movie going, park playing, music concerts in downtown Frankfort, lots of reading, bike riding, lots of video making, beach fun, roasting marshmallows, playing with friends and hanging out at home. 

pretty rainy/sunshiney day

double cool!


Have I mentioned how much these girls love to run in the rain?!  A lot!

Speedy is almost 1 year old!  Can you even believe it?  Us either!  This is him (we just refer to Speedy as a him...not really sure) not even all the way stretched out.  Crazy how he's grown.  Pretty sure the life expectancy of a snail in the wild is not very long so this must be some sort of record or something. ;)

And this sweet little cat is so spoiled and loved.  She really doesn't like to be held but Sara and I can't seem to stop picking her up and hugging her.  Its safe to say that ALL four of us are smitten for sure.  She rocks.
Libby Lu Selph

I'm going to try to figure out how to load and post some of the videos the girls have been making on Video Star.  They have a blast putting them together!  Hope to share some of them very soon!
Talk to you soon!