Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embrace the Camera - a challenge

I love the message of this post and thought you might too!  It's so true, I never want to be in pictures because of this reason or that reason (the list can be long, depending on the day!) but who is being cheated.  My girls.  I want them to look back and see all of us enjoying whatever it is I'm photographing at the time.  I also want them to feel comfortable being in front of the camera as they grow and mature.  They are watching how I handle myself in different situations.  I am very aware of that. 
I just saw Ashley's post today about the Embrace the Camera Challenge (see what I get for missing one day of reading Under The Sycamore?!) so, I'll have to double up today's pictures.  Want to join in?  I hope so but no worries if  you don't.  Really, its just a way for all of us to start thinking about being more present and preserving memories for our kids and loved ones and maybe, take that first step in FRONT of the camera and not always behind it! 
Pictures will be up when my girlies are home and I can snap away!  You can see my photos on instagram under selphishgirl too!

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