Friday, September 20, 2013

School 2013

Hello!  Hope all our faithful readers are well!  We are back in the full swing of school and activities.  The girls went back to school on August 21st.  Way too early for my liking.  What happened to starting after Labor Day?  Both girls are at new schools this year.  Jessica started 6th grade and Sara is in 3rd!  They are on completely different schedules.  Jessie's school starts early and Sara's is late.  Because Jess is in band, she has to be at school at 6:45am four days a week.  Sara's bus doesn't come until 8:40!  It is kinda crazy but surprisingly, I'm really liking it.  Having to get up early, which I wouldn't necessarily choose to do, is making my mornings so much less rushed than last year and that is good for everyone!  I get some alone time with sis after Jess leaves in the morning and a bit of time with Jess before Sara comes home.  Here are a few pics to enjoy...

Jess at the meet and greet, the day before school starts

Sara get a locker this year (without a lock).  She is thrilled!
Jessica 11 years old 6th grade    ***    Sara 8 years old 3rd grade

Wanted to remember how much the girls love their Converse shoes and friendship bracelets :)

Heading off to middle school

 Happy to finally being able to take the bus to school
Before school started I had a little magnet making party for Sara and her friends!  Since they get lockers they, of course, needed cute magnets to hang in their lockers!  I had the same kind of party for Jess when she started 3rd grade.  It was very fun and I think the girls had a good time!  We made glittery ones, pom pom ones (they were really amazed when I showed them how to make a pom pom with a piece of yarn and a fork) and a clothespin one.  Take a look...

Mackenzie, Kaitlyn, Sara, Ava, Lauren

I'll be posting more soon!  Lots more pictures coming up of fun things we did before school started and more since we've been in school.  Stay tuned! ;)


  1. Wow..that was a fast summer! Great photos of two lovely young scholars, I hope they are enjoying school. I love the pom pom magnets ...They're SO FLUFFY!

  2. hello, Sara! its been a REALLY long time since we posted and ill try to remember to leave a comment tomorrow!


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