Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain rain go away

Hurricane Isaac is making its way here to Chicago in the form of rain this weekend.  We DO need the rain.  Unfortunately, it is making its appearance on the same weekend as the highly anticipated (at least in this household) Frankfort Fall Fest.  We will not be stopped by a little bit of rain!

Looks like fun!
We are not big fans of thunder around here!
Stay dry!


  1. I love the rain! Everyone thinks I am crazy, but I do. I hope the Fall Festival didn't get rained out and that you had a great time!

    Why am I thinking of that old song, 'Singing in the Rain'? ; )

  2. Tuesday was rained out but Ana and I went anyway! Got a bit wet but we didn't melt. Saturday was not wet but way too humid. The girls and I went up for a bit but the heat didn't agree with poor Sara. I voluntered at the sausage booth for my church and had so much fun! Kev dropped the girls off with me after my shift was over and they did a couple carnival games (rip off) and we walked through part of the fest one last time. The 3 of us really look forward to it each year and this year did not dissapoint! Jess and Sara did wristband night on Wednesday for the carnival rides and they LOVED it! :)


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