Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation - part 3 - St. Louis - Final Installment

This is a long series of posts, I realize that.  I will move on after this last one, promise! ;)  We spent only one day and night in St. Louis.  We left Nashville and headed for St. Louis and Kevin decided to get off the mail expressway in Paducah, KY.  We took a lot of back roads until we got to Cape Girardeau, MO.  It was a pretty drive.  He and I enjoyed it, the girls, not as much.  They were nervous that there were not many cars and buildings along the way.  They really are city girls.  We stayed at a hotel in the St. Louis Union Station.  It was a beautiful building.  They have tried to revamp it by having a mall in the main level but it was half empty and the stores that were there were not that great.  It is a shame as the facility was cool.  We drove around a bit that night and happened upon the City Garden.  It takes up a couple of blocks and has a huge fountain to play in with dancing waters and lights and many cool sculptures to check out.  We all enjoyed it a lot!  The next day was spent at the St. Louis City Museum.  Coolest place!!  If you get a chance to take your kids, you MUST go!  I only have a few pictures there because my big camera was getting in the way of my climbing and sliding and playing.  Check out all the places to climb!  We decided to just get home after that and we were all ready to sleep in our own beds.  Especially me.  All in all, it was a quick and fun road trip! 

city museum!

This is when we noticed the dust...on the way home!  UGH!

So tell us, what are your favorite states to visit and why?  I'm hoping we have many more road trips ahead of us!


  1. Oh wow... the Gateway Arch, I know that sight well. I never visited St. Louis as often as I did Kansas City but I drove through so many times on the way to Mom and Dad's. It looks like the girls had a great time. The photos are wonderful. I remember traveling through Union Station when there was actually a passenger service... How old does that make me! ; )

  2. Hi!
    we did have a great time!! We went to a cool museum! The musem had a 10 story slide.It was fun



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