Monday, May 6, 2013

My thoughts on running...

In the last week or two, it seems that Spring has finally decided to make an appearance and it looks like she is going to stick around for a while!  I love winter but I'm so ready to shed the winter coat, hat, and gloves and spend some time outside in the sunshine!  This past week I've had the best company run along side me!  Take a look...

Sara and Mommy
Ana and me

I think it is easier to keep moving when you have a friend next to you but more often than not, I run alone.  And, I actually enjoy it.  I try to go early (7:30 early, not 5am early!) in the morning and its so peaceful.  I listen to all the different varieties of birds talking to each other and just soak in the fresh smell of new life popping up all around me.  Here are a few examples...


all photos taken with my iPhone
I run on the Old Plank Trail that goes through downtown Frankfort.  I can pick it up pretty close to my house and its so convenient.  Not only is it great physical exercise but its awesome for the mind as well.  I spend a lot of time just thinking, talking to God, or making mental notes of my "to do" lists.  It really is a great way to start the day!

Here is what my Saturday and Sunday walk/run looked like this past weekend:

Saturday: 5min walk, 2min run, 1 1/2min walk, 5min run,1 1/2min walk, 5min run,1 1/2min walk, 5min run,1 1/2min walk, 5min run, 7min walk.

Sunday: 5min walk, 2min run, 1 1/2min walk, 7min run,1 1/2min walk, 7min run,1 1/2min walk, 7min run,1 1/2min walk, 9min run, 5min walk.

I'm not fast at all. I mean, really, really not fast but I'm moving forward so that's a plus. I have a friend who runs and she has given me some great advise (thanks Lisa!) that I tell myself before I go out.       Lisa also likes to drink margaritas with her breakfast buffet. That example may come in handy too!

*The hardest step for a runner is the first one out the door.
*You will never regret going.  You will regret it of you don't.
*You are moving faster that the person sitting on the couch.

Those words have gotten me moving more than once and I do really say those things to myself to get myself out the front door!  My first 5K is coming up quickly, May 25th to be exact, so I've got to keep moving.  I'm actually looking forward to my run tomorrow morning! 



  1. I am very proud of you for being so committed. How lovely to have such a pleasant environment and such good company. As for not being fast, it's stamina that wins most of life's races, not speed! Good luck! X

  2. I took the be merciful to your house's pic.I love to take walks to everywere but far place's

  3. I am so proud of you. Your stamina is really growing. Love you. Mom

  4. I love going on runs its so fun!!! I have my running shoes


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