Monday, March 25, 2013

2 months! Yikes!

How does one let TWO months go by without a single post you ask?  I have no answer.  It just happens.  Maybe if I wasn't so interested in reading others blogs (I have a list of a few favorites!) then maybe I would post more often.  My days just fly by and before I know it its 11:23pm and I'm nodding off at the computer...again.  Anyway, I apologize for the delay.  Hoping to resume a regularly scheduled posting line-up soon.  Hoping....key word! :)

BTW, the Selph girls love winter!

Man, I sure need to spend some time learning how to edit my photos!  I currently do zero photo-editing.  I might try the free download of Lightroom sometime.  I've heard its great for not only editing but photo storage too.  
So tell me, whats your favorite season?


  1. Wow, such beautiful snow bunnies! My favorite season is Autumn, LOVE those bright leaves. Winter is a close second but we don't get much snow here and I really miss snow. : )X

  2. I LOVE snow!
    Love Sara
    P.S my mom dose not like snow:(

  3. The big wall I bilt,the 1st time Jess throw a snow ball at it and it fell down.I re-bilt it.
    <3 Love Sara
    P.S. The thing before the love,Sara is a heart


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