Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I did it...TWICE!

So, a couple months ago I coerced asked my awesome cousin Ana to run a 5k with me in May!  I got a great deal through Groupon for two entrances to the Color Run at Toyota Park in Bridgeview and thought now was the time.  I have never run a 5k and really wanted to find a way to get motivated and get some exercise into my weekly routine.  I started the Couch to 5k training last week!  Once you see the schedule (link above), you might not be so impressed with what I've accomplished thus far, but its a start!  I've done the first 2 sessions of week one.  I bought a new pair of running shoes over the weekend that I will try out today!  They are really pretty, and hopefully will make me run like the wind, or something like that.  :)  Here goes...


  1. Wow! That's great! I do love your shoes. I HATE exercising but Andy has been dragging me out for five mile hikes on the weekends. I am surprisingly fit for a couch potato but not 5K fit. Good luck!

  2. Those shoes look like winners......just like you.

  3. The only time I run is when I'm chasing after an ice cream truck...or a bear is running after me...

    This should be fun! :)

  4. I (Sara) come with Jena(my Mom)somtimes and I relly have fun and I think Jena dose too!


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