Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid Villa

Well, it looks like we have a few readers!  Yay!  I must do a post about our dinner tonight.  It was sooo good!  Delicious!  We ordered carry-out from our beloved MID VILLA in Midlothian!  They have been serving this area for over 38 years!  I hope they are around for another 38 years!

You see, the girls have been staying over at Grammie's house every Sunday night this summer so I can get to work bright and early on Monday, our busiest day of the week.  Once I clock out for the day, I leave right from work, jump on I 57 North and pick them up at my Mom's house.  I stayed a bit later at work today and the amount of time I needed to get the girls from Mom's, drive home, and prepare dinner was ticking away quickly.  It had been far too long since we had the BEST pizza on the planet so Mid Villa for supper it was.  Yes, its Kevin's favorite too, although he didn't grow up eating it like I did.  After driving with it in the car for 20ish minutes, it was mostly eaten before I could snap a picture of the actual pizza.  Here is what is left...
The next time you are passing through good old Midlo, you must have this pizza.  Its worth the trip!


  1. Oh yummmm! Pizza....I LOVE pizza! ; )

  2. 3 of the 4 of us LOVE pizza too. Sara, not so much. Can make Friday night pizza night a bit tricky at times. I had the last couple slices for lunch today. Never want to waste good pizza. :)

  3. I haven't had Mid Villa in so long; I'm glad they are still around. They are the best by far!!


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